1. Noonan's Avatar
    Just jailbroke my 3GS to 3.1

    Everything went great... but the theme that I used to have before updating to 3.1 isn't downloading/installing. It says something about a socket not connecting.
    10-05-2009 05:03 PM
  2. Noonan's Avatar
    I was able to download it from another source.
    This one seems different though.... On my old one, if there wasn't an icon made for the theme it would automaticially be smaller in size and have a matching glow under it. This one isn't like that, and I HATE having icons that are different (size wise). Any tips?
    10-05-2009 05:23 PM
  3. LVCIFER's Avatar
    You didn't happen to rip/copy the themes via SSH before you re-jailbroke, did you? Because the simple way would just be to re-SSH into your phone and replace them that way.

    That's what I'm doing before I re-jailbreak. I'm taking all of my themes and whatnot, and saving them to my PC.

    Then I'm hoping to God that iPhone Browser still works so I can easily just pop them back in.
    10-05-2009 06:36 PM
  4. Noonan's Avatar
    Of course not....
    I have SSH'd a few times but I am not that comfortable doing it, so I didn't even think to do that.

    I emailed the guy who made illumine, and he said that some people are complaining. He thinks its a winterboard problem.

    I downloaded a different version of illumine off the net. When I SSH it into the phone, do I add the whole folder or what? Do you need to make sure it has a different name so I can decipher it from the illumine thats on the phone now?

    LVCIFER..Biggest help today!
    10-05-2009 08:02 PM