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    Hello everyone. I have a 1st Gen iPhone (2G) with current version 2.2 (5G77), jailbroken and unlocked, on T-Mobile. I want to upgrade to 3.1 using the guide on ( Do I need to do anything before I move directly to 3.1? I have not moved to 3.0 through iTunes, whether using the default software provided by Apple or by using custom software. Your help would be awesome! I don't want to end up with a phone that I can't use.

    One more quick question - if I tried to upgrade to 3.1 and failed, when I restore to a backup stored in iTunes, does it use the prior version of unlocked and jailbroken software that was previously on the phone (in other words, putting it back the same way it just was), or does it restore to factory software? I always wondered that. THANKS!
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    As I recall reading there shouldn't be any difficulty with the upgrade to 3.1 on the first gen phone and keeping your unlock. If you're using a mac, just make sure to follow the directions posted by the Dev-Team.
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