1. NotCrazy's Avatar
    hey all i need to be able to set my 3GS to unbroken 3.1 before i JB it again [it's already JB on 3.0.1]

    this is because i am having an issue with MMS and my provider [vodafone] wants me to take the phone into the store to work out what's going on. i could un J/B to 3.0.1 but they will probably tell me to update or something at the store anyway.

    what would be the best way to go about this? i don't want to **** up my chance of JB in the future.

    i have an ECID SHSH on file with cydia if that helps.

    thanks guys!!!
    10-04-2009 07:19 AM
  2. Matt74's Avatar
    It's quite possible that if you bring a JB iPhone into the store, at least if it's an Apple store, they'll know it. I read an article a while back about how when they plug iPhones into their computers, it automatically searches the iPhone for the JB processes and files on your iPhone.

    Your best bet is to probably install a custom 3.1 firmware with SSH enable. You can then SSH into the iPhone and move the Cydia.app folder somewhere else, which will remove the icon. At least this way, they won't see Cydia installed and you don't have to worry about SBSettings popping up or something like that (stuff that hides icons). After you come back home, you could just SSH back in and move the folder back, or just restore again to the custom firmware. Even without Cydia there, it's still JB, so it'll continue to accept a custom firmware.

    You do not need to unlock your iPhone before going in there, you just need to make sure your baseband isn't upgraded. If you install a custom firmware, your unlock option is preserved.

    HOWEVER -- why don't you post your MMS issues here and see if we can help. You might not even have to go into the store. Chances are, they are going to suggest a restore, which will remove your unlock option.

    (I hope all this makes sense, I'm still workin' on my morning coffee)
    10-04-2009 09:13 AM
  3. NotCrazy's Avatar
    I should mention it's not an issue of unlocking. I live in Australia and unlike US we are not restricted to just the one provider. So my 3gs is already legitimately through vodafone and doesn't need the unlock.

    I have actually posted my mms concern here before but no one could help me but I will try again

    since day one of owning my 3gs (got it on release date) I have been able to send mms but not receive them, they simply do not appear.
    10-04-2009 05:19 PM