1. np141592's Avatar
    I have and iPhone 3g currently with v2.2 firmware. Is it possible to upgrade only to v3.0 not to v3.1?
    10-01-2009 12:13 PM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    You would need to find the 3.0 firmware and hit shift+restore in iTunes (windows machine).
    10-01-2009 03:48 PM
  3. np141592's Avatar
    Tnx for the reply. If I understood you correctly I need to download iPhone 3G Firmware version 3.0 (only for 3G models) and use iTunes 9.0.1 to restore the downloaded firmware. This should not update the baseband and I should be able to jailbreak/unlock it. I am trying to avoid v3.1 for iPhone 3G since I understand you cannot jailbreak/unlock at this time.
    10-01-2009 05:30 PM
  4. np141592's Avatar
    I have tried this last evening and it worked fine. It is now @v3.0 and jailbreak was applied.
    Tnx for support.
    10-02-2009 10:01 AM