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  1. Indygangsta's Avatar
    Hey, i have owned and iphone for a few months now and im trying to decide whether to jailbreak or not. can anyone give me an idea of some of the main features associated with jailbreaking and possibly some pros/cons. also, how is the process of jailbreakin? thanks in advance
    09-29-2009 09:14 AM
  2. erauno's Avatar
    the best thing you can do with your iphone. it give it so many more features that apple doesnt want you to have.

    example: 3g has no video camera, i jb it and now i have a video camera.
    also tethering and have been sending mms for weeks now.

    if you are scared to do it then dont, but if you feel comfortable its worth it
    09-29-2009 10:01 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    Keep in mind since you have the 3GS that if you're already done the update for 3.1, you can't jailbreak yet anyway.

    In the meanwhile, read through the jailbreak forums for all the info you'll need.
    09-29-2009 10:11 AM
  4. Indygangsta's Avatar
    ^^crap, should have looked through the jb forums a little more. thanks for the feedback.

    also, how is the process for jailbreaking, best tools/software, and regarding the apps, does that change at all? for example do i still use the app store, or do i have to go through cydia? been looking through the forum and noticed that there are packages involving cydia, i dnt get this at all, and the how to jailbreak guide i saw says it does not work for 3gs
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    09-29-2009 10:41 AM
  5. big9erfan's Avatar
    You use both the App Store and Cydia. The App Store for all normal apps, and Cydia for jailbreak applications.

    Cydia refers to "packages" as the programs that you've installed as they often bundle other apps.

    Sources within Cydia are the numerous sites that host different applications. Many are already in Cydia, some you have to add yourself if you want specific apps.

    P0sixNinja mentioned on his twitter that he hopes to have a 3GS JB out this week.
    09-29-2009 12:15 PM
  6. Indygangsta's Avatar
    ^^^thanks for clearin that up now it makes sense
    09-29-2009 01:06 PM