1. way0utwest's Avatar
    I went to install a theme from Cydia today (first one) and after installing, the iPhone freezes on the apple logo and will not boot. I can get it into DFU mode and connect to iTunes, but iTunes wants to put on OS 3.1.

    Any ideas/suggestions on what to do here?
    09-28-2009 01:08 PM
  2. RSVnoP's Avatar
    I had the same problem over the weekend. After many failures of trying to add mms to my 2g...Ultimately I had to loose my JB...Reinstall 3.0...I will JB again this week
    at some point. Need to put 3.0.1 file in iphone update folder in itunes. Then
    option + restore when it ask you to restore.
    Worked for me
    09-28-2009 02:00 PM
  3. way0utwest's Avatar
    Where's the 3.0 file?

    When I connect it to iTunes, it wants to update to OS 3.1. I did not have a backup I'm aware of, which is my fault. But I'd love guidance on what to do now.

    I did find some firmware for iPHone 2g for OS 3.1, I might try that next.
    09-28-2009 02:24 PM
  4. way0utwest's Avatar
    In case anyone else has a similar issue, here's what I did.

    1. Google for iPhone 2G OS 3.1 jailbreak. I used the iHackintosh site
    2. Download the files from the internet. You'll have to find your own link because of copyright issues.
    3. I then had my iPhone off and plugged it into my Vista PC.
    4. I held the power and home buttons down. The iPhone booted, and I kept holding them on. I let it restart again, then it went into DFU mode. On my model this was a graphic of the iphone, a cable and "itunes" on the phone screen.
    5. iTunes (9) launched. I held down "Shift" and clicked "restore" This gave me a file dialog. I picked the file I'd downloaded.
    6. It restored, rebooted, and it appeared to be OK.
    7. iTunes then asked to restore the phone, I said OK
    8. It restored the backup, rebooted, and then sync'd.
    9. I could smile again
    09-28-2009 06:11 PM
  5. RSVnoP's Avatar
    Glad it worked.
    09-28-2009 08:14 PM