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    SMS Counter allows you to keep track of your sms usage. Itís good for those who have limited free SMS per month etc. Available on BigBoss Repo


    * Allows you to count the SMS based on a few filters: -by person, by message type (incoming/outgoing/both), by period
    * Automatic updating application badge which show the sms sent for the month (so you donít need to start the app all the time to see the counts)
    * Allows you to select the day of the billing month (so the period will be updated automatically everything your run the app)
    * Count SMS based on the standard 160 chars (so a longer message will be counted as multiple smses depending on the length)
    * Able to keep track of deleted messages (so you can still clear your sms on the default SMS app)
    * Show a pie chart view of the distributions of messages
    09-28-2009 11:14 AM