1. bergman's Avatar
    Can anyone clarify- I saw a note someplace from the Dev Team that those running JB 3.01 should avoid Cydia updates for now as they might cause some issues with whatever 3.1 JB solution comes out. I've also seen a suggestion to redirect part of the iTunes synch to a Cydia server in order to backup certain key file signatures. the Dev Team posts some great info, but this is such a moving target that I'm not sure there is a really definitive answer. anyone have a good strategy yet?
    09-18-2009 09:19 AM
  2. RAUnity69's Avatar
    I would hold on updating Cydia for now. If for some reason you crash and need to do a reboot you will be forced to load 3.1 on. Atleast that is what I have read. Hopefully the Dev Team will come up with a speedy solution. Are you on a 3g or 3gs? I know that the Cydia backup is only for 3gs.
    09-18-2009 01:36 PM