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    I always set up my phone as a new phone. I have had too many bad memories of trying to upgrade from xp to vista, etc. I'm too worried that there will be little bad things left behind. But the biggest pain is that I would always loose the data that was stored within my apps, my high scores, sms text messages, and some app specific settings,

    BUT this time before I jailbroke and upgraded I used CHRONUS. I purchased CHRONUS (it used to be call Time Capsule) and it is awesome. It backs up your app store apps' data. Let me explain more.

    1. Before I upgraded to 3.1 I installed Chronus via Cydia.
    2. Purchased and registered it. (The app can be used without a license but you loose some features like the ability to back up multiple application with one button click.) Once I tried it, it was worth the $8 to buy the app and support the developer.
    3. I backed up my apps with Chronus...apps like eWallet, BibleReader, Gemmed, TapTap, and many more.
    4. You can email your back up to you, but I just SSH into the phone via WINSCP and copied the TimeCapsule Folder at var/mobile/library/preferences to my desktop
    5. Jailbroke my iPhone and set it up as a new iPhone
    6. Re-installed all of my applications via iTunes
    7. Reinstalled Chronus via Cydia and registered it.
    8. SSH'd back into my phone and moved the TimeCapsule folder from my desktop back to the same location on the iphone.
    9. And restored my application Data.
    10. It worked great for most applications. eWallet was perfect. Sportacular...all my alerts and favorite times were there. BibleReader...all my downloaded books and my bookmarks were there. Many Games had my high scores, etc. TapTap even had all of my downloaded songs. Things like reQal I had to re-set up manually...But that isn't to big of a deal.

    For the few dollars that this costs, it is amazing. I always missed my bookmarks in BibleReader and missed my high scores and game saves. CHRONUS SAVES THE DAY. Thanks to Chronus and I hope this helps someone else find Chronus and use it.

    It only backs up App Store Apps, not Cydia apps. Chronus Link
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    09-17-2009 12:18 PM
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    I have used and still use Chronus to back up my apps and info. Like U I think it's easy to use and does wonders. I have a ? though. U said you JB to 3.1? I thought there was NOT yet a JB 4 3.1 or have I missed something? I'm waiting for the release of MMS B4 I JB. Thanx, IGoSlo
    09-18-2009 03:12 AM
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    Yes there is a JB for 3.1. It has been out since Wed. The Pwnage tool is out for Mac. Dev-Team Blog

    It worked great. For some reason it removes the ATT logo from the top bar, but the phone the dev team commented on that it is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the performance of the phone. I kinda like the new look.
    09-18-2009 07:05 AM
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    Thanx HotRod. I'm using PC Vista. Seriously thinking of going Mac on next laptop. IPhone has opened up many NEW areas of service. I drive over the road owner po and use web and phone heavily. IPhone is awsome from what I've been able to see in the last few months i've had it. IGoSlo
    09-18-2009 03:55 PM
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    It's been a pretty big change moving to a Macbook. It's the similar but with windows I knew what to expect and where to look for help when I was confused. With the Mac, I still don't know all the tricks it can do and I'm still finding those communities to use to get the best help.

    I love the Macbook hardware. The trackpad is AMAZING. I had going back to my Dell.
    09-20-2009 06:31 PM