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    I'm jailbroken and my battery life is great..
    09-09-2009 09:30 PM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    What's going on here? Am I in the twilight zone? If I do 2 tests, one with jailbreak, and one without, and keep all other variables the same, how can it be disputed?

    I can't even believe this. I thought I knew what fanboyism was, but I didn't. NOW I do. . .
    how can it be disputed? hmm have you read the people who have posted in your thread that they are JB and have fine battery life? There are so many different ways to JB, so many different user settigns, so many different user issues that you can't generalize your phone's actions to blame one cause. I have a 1st gen and 3G IPhone and both are JB and have been since I've owned both I have never had a problem with battery power. I charge my phone overnight while I sleep. I wake at 6AM, listen to music for an hour in to work, then general use throughout the work day checking emails, tweeting, updating apps sometimes more use sometimes less. I talk to my GF for an hour at noon daily, then listen to music another hour on the way home and until I plug in my phone at night around midnight my battery is never even near 20% usually around 45%. So different users use different apps for different periods so it's hard to generalize. Since I'm JB how would you explain that??
    09-09-2009 10:32 PM
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