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    Living in australia we theoretically already have MMS function on iphones.
    i have a 32GB 3Gs jailbreak, on the vodafone network in australia.

    since the first day i have had it i have been able to send MMS's but not recieve them. they simply do not turn up. keep in mind this was before jailbreak. i have since contacted vodafone several times regarding this issue and nothing they have suggested has worked.

    the last time i called them they suggested a reset of my network settings. not only did this not fix anything it also stuffed up a few settings, all of which i have fixed.

    the only problem is now is that whenever i try to send a group SMS [IE just text to multiple people] the iphone insists that they are sent as MMS even though they are just text. this does not happen when sending to a single person and can also be temporarily fixed if i turn off mms in the messaging settings, although i don't want to have to do this every time i need to send an sms to multiple people.

    any thoughts? did i break something doing a reset? is it because the phone is jailbroken? or am i just an *****? [don't answer that last one]

    my next step is to take the darn thing into the store which means restoring to unjailbroken :/
    09-09-2009 09:46 AM