1. JoeyA#IM's Avatar

    I'm new to the TIPB forums. I have an 8GB iPhone 3G running OS 3.0.1. I recently had it jailbroken and so far so good. I've noticed that my iPhone is considerably slower since I had it jailbroken. I'm curious if any of you previously owned a jailbroken 3G and now have a jailbroken 3GS. If so, have you noticed a difference in the speed with the jailbreak? I'd like to know as much as possible because I'm considering upgrading to the 3GS if it runs jailbreak much better than the 3G. Thanks!
    08-22-2009 04:08 PM
  2. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    I have a 3gs that is heavily themed and I do notice a small lag, but it is nothing bothersome. I think if i had a 3g with the same mods, it would be near-unusable.
    08-22-2009 04:13 PM
  3. JoeyA#IM's Avatar
    I'm running the HTC Sense UI theme which is great, but I was also running qTweeter (which runs in the background) and I couldn't take it. When I launched iPod, it would take nearly 10 seconds for me to be able to access playlists/artists/songs so I uninstalled it. I'd love to be able to run all types of apps but I want to make sure the 3GS is worth the investment.
    08-22-2009 04:16 PM