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    Okay I am very frustrated because I just cant get anywhere.. I bought a 3G used and had to have it unlocked ($60)by a cellular repair place. They told me not to do any updates or the phone would lock again. Then I took it down to Tmobile to hook it up. Everything seemed cool but when I plugged it into my PC and turned on I tunes, I couldnt sync or do anything on my Itunes because it said that my SIM card is unsupported. So I posted a couple threads and was told to update my firmware from 3.0 to 3.01 then jailbreak using redsnow and then DL ultra snow and Wah Lah.... But I was afraid to update my firmware because of what I was told by the cell place so I did the Jailbreak and it worked just fine but I still can NOT sync with Itunes. Now one person who responded to my thread told me to update to 3.0.1 by going to Itunes>devices>iphone>updates. But when I plug my iphone into Itunes I cant do sh*t cause MY SIM CARD IS UNSUPPORTED!!!! can anyone offer any advise that might help???
    08-17-2009 09:38 PM
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    Stop! Drop! And roll!

    Relax guy everthing will work out. There is a step by step guid of what you can do on the jailbreak section of these forums. Plus there are many here that can help. Just don't do anything else until you are pointed in the right direction.
    08-17-2009 10:55 PM
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    This should help...

    08-21-2009 05:15 PM