1. marks3g's Avatar
    Now that my iphone is jailbroken, I chose to only add Icy since it said there was problems using cyndia. I cant get anything that i load from icy to work. It gave me winterboard and I dont know if I should be using it I tried deleting it but it wont says it cant clear. Also on the Icy search the letters on the keyboard take really long to enter I dont know if thats normal. Please help Im new to this.
    08-17-2009 01:05 PM
  2. mg48's Avatar
    Funny, I only installed Cydia because I heard Icy had issues. Cydia is slow with the search as well, it appears to me it is becuase it does realtime filtering. By that I mean you dont need to hit search to see the results. It narrows the items displayed with each letter you enter. So it takes a sec or two. I've had a few little hiccups with Cydia, but nothing I could not overcome by myself with my limited, first time iphone owner and jailbraker, knowledge. I've loaded quite a few apps and I am really enjoying the benefits.

    So is it Icy or Cydia with issues? Or is it all noob complaints and both work the same?
    08-17-2009 01:13 PM
  3. nextjeter2's Avatar
    i use both they both have tradeoffs neither are perfect
    08-17-2009 02:09 PM