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  1. CarliCruise's Avatar
    Ok, so I met someone with an iphone 3gs yesterday that was running 3g on tmobile on his iphone, which i thought wasnt possible, but he told me there is a way to do it. I used his, and it worked great, just like atandt 3g. Does anyone here know how to do it?
    08-15-2009 01:00 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    Which iPhone do you have and which firmware are you running?
    08-15-2009 01:08 PM
  3. CarliCruise's Avatar
    iphone 3gs
    08-15-2009 01:52 PM
  4. Tramain's Avatar
    iphone 3gs
    MAC or PC?
    08-15-2009 01:54 PM
  5. CarliCruise's Avatar
    08-15-2009 01:57 PM
  6. Tramain's Avatar
    First- Download Redsn0w
    Second Download- Firmware
    Open redsn0w and browse the firmware and then follow the steps in redsn0w
    Then after your done jailbreaking disable 3G open cydia/icy add the repo the last o is a zero
    search ultrasn0w in cydia install and reboot
    08-15-2009 02:10 PM
  7. CarliCruise's Avatar
    this will give me 3g on tmo?
    08-15-2009 02:16 PM
  8. CarliCruise's Avatar
    im not lookin to unlock, mines unlocked, but i use edge, i have recently seen someone using 3g internet on tmobile on his iphone...
    08-15-2009 02:19 PM
  9. Tramain's Avatar
    OOOO I thought you meant you saw someone with a 3G(As in phone) on t mobile.
    08-15-2009 02:23 PM
  10. c0mpguru's Avatar
    I didn't think it was possible to be on a 3G connection on T-Mobile...isn't the frequency different for each carrier?
    08-16-2009 12:56 AM
  11. CarliCruise's Avatar
    i thought the same thing, but i have a friend that works for tmo and he has 3g runnin on his 3gs, he dosent know how to do it, some guy did it for him, he paid him for it, but it runs 3g, i did a comparison with my phone and his, and his internet runs way faster....
    08-16-2009 02:13 AM
  12. Nht's Avatar
    I'm interested in knowing how to so this also. Tagging along
    08-17-2009 12:53 AM
  13. CarliCruise's Avatar
    Well I went to tmo yesterday and used his phone again and yup still running 3g; he is gonna ask the guy how exactly it's done; the dude who does it is some tech dude.
    08-17-2009 08:42 AM
  14. butchiem1's Avatar
    im tagging along too, im dying to know if this is possible, who knows maybe apple hid another antenna in there we dont know about
    08-17-2009 07:07 PM
  15. Jellotime91's Avatar
    cellular antennae have always been able to be ajdusted. For example, you can get a WCDMA phone from Japan, get the antenna adjusted for about $15 in Chinese shopping centers, and run it on an American GSM network on 3G. It's very complicated and I have no idea how to do it, I believe that technician may have taken his iPhone apart and did something to the hardware. However this is actually highly illegal, far more than jailbreaking :P
    08-17-2009 09:25 PM
  16. CarliCruise's Avatar
    Try this; go to settings/network/celluar data/ and type this in try it out And tell me how it works; I have a blackberry plan so I can't try it; I need to wait until next month to switch to a smartphone plan.
    08-17-2009 09:40 PM
  17. CarliCruise's Avatar
    If u try this please tell me your results
    08-17-2009 10:16 PM
  18. Nht's Avatar
    Yes. nd tell your friend we will all call him God if he shows us how to do it and it works
    Last edited by Nht; 08-18-2009 at 03:38 AM.
    08-18-2009 03:33 AM
  19. CarliCruise's Avatar
    Nht.....try what I put up top; I'm not sure if it works; I looked at his apn and it's different than mine; his says that; so I'm wondering if that's how he got the 3g. he has no idea how he got it because he paid someone to do it.
    08-18-2009 08:26 AM
  20. CarliCruise's Avatar
    Can someone plez test it
    08-19-2009 08:37 AM
  21. erasat's Avatar
    Carli, I have those settings in my Iphone with T-Mobile but where I live I don't have 3G coverage so I can't try it, BUT, this APN is the default used across the web for T-Mobile and if it was that simple, almost everybody would be using 3G in T-Mobile. In order to get 3G the Iphone should be able to accept T-Mobile Frequency and that's the main question, if indeed can do it.

    As a Side note; Blackberry Data Plan,seems to not like that APN, as I test it with my friend's Iphone and it didn't accept it, he hasn't change the data plan, so he can only use or but not internet2.
    08-19-2009 10:49 AM
  22. sting7k's Avatar
    The iPhone does not have the radio to pick up Tmobile 3G frequency.
    08-19-2009 12:23 PM
  23. Nht's Avatar
    Nht.....try what I put up top; I'm not sure if it works; I looked at his apn and it's different than mine; his says that; so I'm wondering if that's how he got the 3g. he has no idea how he got it because he paid someone to do it.
    i don't think that's the solution for this. I have the exact same apn and i'm not getting 3g. Perhaps you could ask him for in depth setup?
    08-19-2009 09:13 PM
  24. CarliCruise's Avatar
    Well; I've asked him, he wasn't the one who did it. He got a random customer at tmobile to do it for him.
    08-20-2009 09:59 AM