1. nextjeter2's Avatar
    Might be a dumb question but I can't figure out how to switch my wifi network in sbsettings
    08-10-2009 07:22 PM
  2. robalex117's Avatar
    You can just turn it off and on. You can not change networks.
    08-11-2009 07:00 PM
  3. nextjeter2's Avatar
    is there any quick wifi network change app u no of
    08-11-2009 08:38 PM
  4. shutter's Avatar
    If you set your wifi settings to ask to join new networks.....it should pop up, or if you have joined the network before it should auto join.

    is there any quick wifi network change app u no of
    I did a quick google search, and didn't see anything.
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    08-12-2009 10:24 AM
  5. shutter's Avatar
    Spoke to soon, this app might work for you... although it doesn't currently work with 3.0 ithe app description says the update has been submitted.

    iTunes Store

    This one also looks like it will do what you want. And it has been tested with OS 3.0, but it is not free.

    iTunes Store
    08-12-2009 10:46 AM
  6. nextjeter2's Avatar
    thanks ill wait for the fist one to be updated thats perfect
    08-12-2009 01:36 PM
  7. beej#IM's Avatar
    look for YFiSelect4 in Cydia. currently $1.49

    i'd post a link but the forum nazis won't let me until i have 10 posts :P
    02-09-2011 07:04 PM