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    Ok I am sorry for having to start a new thread for the question that has been asked in many ways. I spent 3 hours last night on these forums attempting to come up with a definite answer and am still confused.

    1. I only want to use the iphone for Wi-Fi access.
    2. I want to keep my same voice plan that I have.

    So from what I gather I need to Jailbreak the phone insert my sim, put a WIX/ or Internet connection block on my account and should be fine????

    Second option is, do not jailbreak, insert sim onto other phone, make a few calls, call ATT and tell them I dont want to use the Iphone or it broke, put a internet block, insert sim back on Iphone and I am good??

    Third option, is do second option but put a APN changer?

    Lastly I searched YouTube and there are videos that claim you also change settings on the Iphone to also put a secondary block on data connections.

    Please clarify for all of what has worked for YOU (in the US only and ATT).

    Please do not reply with "its illegal" "just pay for it" or "ATT will find out and charge you" I have read them all.

    Please just post HELPFUL information and what you have done. I am a noob on Iphone and have just jumped on the bandwagon so be nice.
    08-10-2009 12:35 AM