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  1. caleb22's Avatar
    I have a 3G, 8 gig iPhone. I JB the phone a few weeks ago and things are great. I've downloaded Winterboard, a theme or two, a bunch of cool JB apps, and Rock Your Phone (for IntelliSreen, ), After looking in Cydia under Manage > Storage , I get the following results:
    system - 16.4% free
    private - 58.8% free

    My question is, am I close to running out of storage for future updates, upgrades, etc. in the System area? I removed Intelliscreen b/c of bugs. How much memory is being used by Rock Your Phone? I know it is filed under System, and sits next to cydia, but is it worth keeping if I'm not using any of their apps? Just worried I made a mistake with this program (RTP) and using unnecessary space. However, I'm thinking I should keep it in case they come out with something I could really use, not to mention removing it looks like a pain.

    Anyway, I need advice from someone that understands how much this stuff really takes up. (Jailbreak storage for dummy's!) I don't want to paint myself into a corner.

    07-28-2009 10:17 PM
  2. only1jonarius's Avatar
    the same thing happened 2 me...and uninstalling it didn't help much...had to restore ):
    07-28-2009 11:31 PM
  3. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    If you are trying to save system memory, try lockinfo. Its better than intelliscreen, free and doesnt hog memory....
    MacThemes Forum / [Theme] Gruppled LockInfo (Formerly "Tea LockInfo")
    07-28-2009 11:42 PM
  4. Matt74's Avatar
    You guys are talking apples and oranges.

    When some people say "memory" they are talking about disk space. When other people say "memory", they are talking about ram.

    The system and private listed in the original post refer to 2 different partitions that are on the iPhone's internal hard drive. You do not need to worry about running out of disk space. The system partition is usually pretty small, but you don't need to worry about that. Your JB iPhone has a symbolic link from /Applications on the system partition to somewhere on the private partition. Not sure exactly where right now, and since it's not really important, I'm not gonna check.

    So when you install stuff that would normally take up room on the system partition, it's actually put on your bigger private partition. The private partition is the same one that stores all of your MP3s, movies and other crap.

    RAM on the other hand is one of the resources that factor into whether your phone operates fast or slow (depending on if you have enough or are running slow). This is why Winterboard bogs down the 3G so much. The 3G only has 128MB of RAM, which really isn't enough even for a non-JB phone. This is one of the reasons the 3GS is so much faster than the 3G, you have 256MB of RAM -- "twice the thinking room".

    The reasons your RAM is so important is that this is where data is stored that your phone (or computer) process can access directly. RAM is pretty fast stuff. So if you run out of RAM, and your processor needs information that is not currently held in RAM, than your phone (or computer) needs to write some data that is in RAM to your disk drive, then read the information it needs from the disk and write it into RAM.

    The disk drive is one of the slowest component on any computer, so when you run low on RAM, your computer runs very slow.

    So basically, disk space isn't an issue, but Winterboard will slow your iPhone down. If you have a 3GS, than you likely have enough RAM to spare for all of the theme stuff you'll need to keep in RAM.
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    07-29-2009 12:20 AM
  5. only1jonarius's Avatar
    thanx for that inspiring lecture
    07-29-2009 01:19 AM
  6. LucasVictor#IM's Avatar
    I recently JB my iphone 3GS and I could not stop myself from noticing the RAM all the time. If you are coming from a blackberry storm, you will understand my concern. Anyways, back to my cool iphone..So my RAM would fluctuate between 120 MB to 160MB. I know when they say iphone 3GS comes with 256 MB RAM, in reality you are never going to get 256 MB coz the phone uses a part of it just to be "on" and to serve some basic functions like phone itself and messaging. My question is what is the practical amount of RAM on a non JB iphone. My guess is it is close to 200 MB. Any ideas?
    07-29-2009 04:14 PM
  7. madmak's Avatar
    Stock 3G:
    RAM - 128MB
    RAM available to apps after boot - ~40MB

    Stock 3GS:
    RAM - 256MB
    RAM available to apps after boot - ~165MB

    Using the above simplistic calculations, you can determine that the iPhone OS kernel and core apps (phone, messaging) take around 90MB of RAM

    So even on a non-JB phone, you can expect around 175MB RAM free at the most.
    07-30-2009 03:18 PM
  8. LucasVictor#IM's Avatar
    thanks madmak. i am actually very happy that even after JB, i am still getting about 140-150 mb on average. that's pretty impressive.
    07-30-2009 03:30 PM