1. newbieiphoneblog's Avatar
    I was backup my iphone data at Itunes 7.6. And tried upgrade to Iphone OS 3.0

    Now. How i can backup my iphone 2.0 to my Iphone 3.0.

    (Itunes 7.6 can't connect with iphone 3.0)

    07-28-2009 04:56 AM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    You have a restore and it will ask you which backup you want.
    07-28-2009 07:52 AM
  3. newbieiphoneblog's Avatar
    Thx for your response,

    But my iphone data backup at Itunes 7.6 Now iphone versiion is 3.0.

    Cant it detect by Itunes 7.6? If can please tell me how to do it.

    07-28-2009 08:35 PM
  4. Tramain's Avatar
    You need to update iTunes.
    07-28-2009 08:44 PM
  5. Matt74's Avatar
    iPhone OS 3.0 only works with iTunes 8.2 and newer. Once you upgrade your iTunes, just plug your iPhone in and right click on it within iTunes. You'll have the option to "Restore from backup..." A restore is not required.
    07-28-2009 09:54 PM