1. newbieiphoneblog's Avatar
    Thx Matt,

    From your information now i can upgrade my iphone. But now there the problem :

    I tried JB my iphone 2G. But until step Run Cydia rn any update i can't do it.

    How i can update my iphone with Cydia via my PC. Just infrom now my ihone only have Cydia icon so i can't turn on my WIFI too. So i hope i cn update from PC.

    07-27-2009 11:51 PM
  2. kelmen's Avatar
    maybe you can refer to theiphonetech.com or more information, read and follow every steps to unlock and jb, it should works!
    07-28-2009 02:00 AM
  3. newbieiphoneblog's Avatar
    The for your response,

    My iphone only one Cydia icon. So i can't do anything like theiphonetech.com website information to use Cydia. I tried tap Cydi but it only open and close.

    I think it's maybe i can't connect to internet via my iphone.

    So how to connect to internet via my PC.

    07-28-2009 04:53 AM