1. hghflyrjd1's Avatar
    Is there a way to have like a theme for the message screen like we do for the springboard screen
    07-22-2009 05:35 PM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    In Cydia, there are multiple themes that skin the SMS app using Winterboard.
    07-22-2009 05:38 PM
  3. hghflyrjd1's Avatar
    Not just the ballons I mean the background. What are a few good onesthen?
    07-22-2009 05:48 PM
  4. jamesus's Avatar
    Most skin the entire thing or just the balloons. You'll have to test them out to see.
    07-22-2009 06:40 PM
  5. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    They exist but none of them work with 3.0 from what I have seen and heard.
    07-23-2009 12:10 AM
  6. only1jonarius's Avatar
    07-23-2009 01:56 AM
  7. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Yea, it will be nice when we can skin our SMS
    07-23-2009 02:44 AM
  8. hghflyrjd1's Avatar
    Yea I figured it wouldn't work because of the 3.0
    07-23-2009 09:43 AM
  9. chrstphr.ross's Avatar
    3.0 introduced a lot of new stuff to the Messaging app so it's probably going to be a while before someone finds out the secret to making your custom backgrounds. I'm working on it, but I haven't had any success with what I've found. Guess I just wait it out 'til someone else finds it maybe.
    07-23-2009 09:59 AM