1. Eroc's Avatar
    After over a year of hoping that update after update will include the ability to use custom made SMS sounds, I'm giving up and am going to Jailbreak. Just for SMS sounds, yes.

    I've looked it up and found that it's a relatively easy process, but still have a few questions. After jailbreaking I will have a new icon in my springboard, yes? For either Cydia or Icy?

    I know that in order to change the SMS sounds I have to actually copy the file over top of one of the existing ones. Is it possible to jailbreak, replace the sound with one I've made, and then remove the Cydia / Icy icon? I suppose I can just tuck it away on a forgotten page with other apps like the stock ticker.

    And once I've jailbroken, I should stop updating through iTunes until finding out if it's safe to do so?

    Sorry for what are probably stupid questions!


    07-21-2009 10:43 AM
  2. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Not stupid questions at all.

    I originally jailbroke because I wanted a wallpaper background on my homescreens. *chuckle*

    And once that snowball started rolling downhill, it became an avalanch of sh*t that I started doing with my iPhone.

    Trust me, once you start seeing the potential of what your iPhone can do, you're not going to WANT to get rid of Cydia.

    Yes, Cydia will be on your homescreen (aka "Springboard"). If you download a program FROM Cydia called "sbsettings", it gives you the option inside that program to "Hide" icons.

    Basically, it makes them invisible.

    If there's any help you need, feel free to PM me or respond here. If I CAN help, I WILL help.
    07-21-2009 12:01 PM