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    We used our 3GS phones on AT&T for a week before moving to Tmo and porting the phone there. We ported last Friday morning and when I walked out of the Tmo store I had two week old 3gs phones both working find and running on Tmo edge.

    Before going on I should add that I used purplera1n and ultrasnow (latest versions of both) to jailbreak and unlock those phone on Thursday night before taking them to Tmo on Friday morning.

    On Saturday my wife and I were out when about noon I got a text on my phone from Tmo saying that the order from yesterday (Friday) had been completed, meaning that the port had been concluded. Since then we have been unable to get any data faster than gprs on BOTH phones. Whether we are in a full bars area or weaker signal area we can only get gprs.

    I have talked to various level 3 support people at Tmo and everything they have tried has not work. Since I've been with Tmo only two days and since the iphones are not even two weeks old I'm about to just dump them both.

    Has anyone heard of this type of problem before? Since both phones were working fine on edge after the jlbrk/unlock is there any reason why the port would cause a problem (since the AT&T sims had been removed and we were running on Tmo sims).

    I really don't know where to go from here. Gprs is too slow to even consider so I'm wondering if my last alternative is to just sell the phones and move on.

    I suppose I could try to restore the phones and then jailbreak and unlock again but that seems like a lot of hassle to just make them usable. Is this my only alternative? Again, why would they work for two days after jailbreaking and unlocking and then stop picking up anything other than gprs data?

    07-19-2009 01:41 PM
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    if you've only been with tmo for 2 days, why not just go back and use att?
    07-19-2009 02:15 PM
  3. racedog's Avatar
    We can't go back to AT&T. I'll try to keep this short but when I contacted AT&T to ask about service I was told by the phone rep that we could get their service. I questioned it because I didn't think we were in their coverage area but I wanted to make sure by calling AT&T themselves.

    Long story short, she signed us up and we picked up the phones at a location about 40 miles from where we live. We found out the following week that she had put in our address as the post office address for a town 30 miles east of where we live. She had also consolidated our home and business landlines with our new wireless lines (added to her commission) but it ended up moving our business address and lines and home to a location and city that we do not live.

    AT&T fraud division has intervened and let us out of our wireless contract and let us keep the phones for free trying to convince us not to sue them. In any case, we cannot go back to AT&T wireless because we are not in their area. BUT, we do like the phones and would like to continue to use them. That means we have to take them to Tmo which we did.

    As I stated earlier the edge worked fine for a day up until AT&T actually ported the numbers and now we are down to gprs and Tmo level 3 support doesn't seem able to make them work.

    Strange thing is, when we had AT&T and used the phones where we live we had edge data, now, in the same area we are only getting grps. We were roaming on AT&T where we live so it is the same coverage, same tower, same everything except the edge data no longer works and I am stumped.

    07-19-2009 03:46 PM