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    basically, i have a 3gs. i made it rain. it works...i had installed cydia, and installed installuos...however, something happened and installous disapeared...and now, even tho i can find it in cydia, install it in cydia, when i go back to see if its there, its NOT. i have tried un-installing, restarting, and installing...still not working. did some 1 at cydia not let you have installous anymore?? like triple wtf man. so pretty much, even tho cydia SAYS its done installing installous, it really hasnt done any thing

    HAHA so get this, i thought icy would help, it didnt so i delete icy, i try to install installous. ICY IS the process of restoring iphone as i type.
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    Piracy discussion is not allowed on the TiPB forums.

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