1. bbchucks's Avatar
    does anyone know if it would help if i used the ultrasn0w on the 3G phone? if my AT&T sim card is from a blackberry data plan?
    i want to use this sim which is on a blackbery data plan without any notice from att.
    07-17-2009 07:03 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    AT&T will detect you are using a iPhone and put you on iPhone data.
    07-17-2009 07:07 PM
  3. bbchucks's Avatar
    is there anyway to prevent that?
    i know some ppl who have gone by using the iphone w/bb plan for months, while 1 person got reported immediately after he put the sim in.

    the reason being is my company does not approve iphones.
    07-17-2009 07:35 PM
  4. Tramain's Avatar
    What company are you using?
    07-17-2009 07:42 PM
  5. LVCIFER's Avatar
    I assume he means the company that employs him, not his carrier.
    07-17-2009 08:16 PM
  6. Tramain's Avatar
    I assume he means the company that employs him, not his carrier.
    WoW I feel dumb.
    07-17-2009 08:20 PM
  7. bbchucks's Avatar
    yah company =)

    so anyone know of any ways workarounds?
    07-17-2009 09:19 PM
  8. only1jonarius's Avatar
    keep the blackberry if it's apart of your job requirement instead of an iPhone...save u 4rm the trouble
    07-17-2009 09:36 PM
  9. bbchucks's Avatar
    blackberry is so pathetic compared with iphones =(
    07-17-2009 09:52 PM
  10. Johnnytk36#IM's Avatar
    You have to have a blackberry plan with a blackberry due to their special server, you have to have a iPhone plan with a iphone because Att is the greedy. WHEN WILL the cell companies become dumb pipes, what will it take.

    Its so frustrating.
    07-17-2009 10:02 PM