1. Johnny Quest's Avatar
    Hi guys, quick question about the Categories jailbreak app:

    I notice that when I place my apps into folders with Categories, many of the icons become square and lose the "shine" effect they had when they were on the normal springboard (I can post screengrabs if necessary, but I think anyone who's used Categories knows what I'm talking about). It appears some apps have icons that are designed as square and are intended to have this rounded/shine effect applied once placed on the springboard.

    I know where the individual app icon image files are located in the iPhone's filesystem, and I could reedit each one manually to reapply this look if I wanted. My question is, is there a quick way to automatically reapply this look to all my icons, or is manually reediting the only way to go?

    One more question regarding Categories: the text for the labels for the app icons in folders appears to be thinner and a bit harder to read than the text on the normal springboard. I suspect this is because Categories is using Helvetica instead of Helvetica Bold for the text labels. Anyone know of a way to fix this, or where I might look to find a way to fix it?
    07-14-2009 05:53 PM
  2. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    The only fix I can think of is manually editing each file. Other than that I would say forget about it. How many catagories do you have. I have 2, Games and Sports, the former has 49 apps and the latter 7. The icons don't bug me for the 2 seconds I use to browse through and launch an app
    07-14-2009 08:23 PM
  3. Johnny Quest's Avatar
    I have my springboard separated into 8 frequently used apps and 8 Category folders so it's just one page, then I try to keep each Category folder to no more than 16 apps each so it's only one page, too (I wanted to completely get rid of the need for any swiping).

    Anyway, I've got a lot of apps, but I'll probably get around to rounding the icons off manually at some point. I've been putting a good bit of time into theming and getting everything looking nice, so the way the icons in Categories are screwed up annoys me (as well as the text looking worse).

    I read somewhere about apps downloaded from the official app store running "integrity checks" and having issues if they detect that there are changes to any of their components, including launch icons. Anyone ever have problems with this?
    07-14-2009 08:43 PM