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  1. Mkvnote's Avatar
    I have ATT and Am trying to get an Iphone without ATT contract because I dont want to pay for the data plan. Can I just put my sims card into the Iphone I get without contract and have it work without ATT shutting it down? I'm new to this stuff sorry if stupid question but want an Iphone badly without data charges from Att I don't need the internet except on occassion and can wait for hot spot access...thanx
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    07-12-2009 02:41 PM
  2. JustinHorn's Avatar
    Not sure what will happen, but they can detect you are on an iPhone so probably wouldn't work out. Having the iPhone without the data plan defeats the main purpose of having an iPhone, something to keep in mind.
    07-12-2009 07:12 PM
  3. phillyslickster's Avatar
    AT&T would know that you have an iPhone and would add the data plan to your bill automatically. Someone used my old iPhone and put their sim card in it and thought they be charged for data. The iPhone data plan showed up on their bill although they had switched back to their phone after a week. They didn't notice it until they received their bill.
    07-12-2009 07:18 PM
  4. ericUT's Avatar
    ATT can detect the phone you are using and WILL automatically add the data plan without talking to you or confirming this as stated in the Terms Of Service you sign when starting a new plan.

    As stated earlier, without the data plan, many of the apps you can download and almost all the useful apps that come with the phone are comepletely useless without data access. More importantly, if you don't have a data plan, the iphone will continue to draw data down from the network on its own causing pay per use charges which can quickly surpass the mediocre amount you pay for the unlimited data option. Just bite the bullet and get the data plan, or use a different phone.
    07-12-2009 07:21 PM
  5. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Either way you will be paying. They WILL NOT HESITATE to add a data plan. You can either get a data plan and just accept you need it to have a functioning iPhone, or you can use a differant phone. Hate to say it but iPhone's are not for those who are not willing to pay. Not sure what the unlimited data plan price for AT&T but it will be a better deal than the plan and overage charges they put on your next bill.
    07-12-2009 07:54 PM
  6. li2327's Avatar
    I couldn't imagine using my iPhone without a data plan. I like being able to use all the features when I want to without having to worry about the charges.
    07-12-2009 08:36 PM
  7. InvaderekiM's Avatar
    ^^^^^^^ true... i meant the data plan is 30 bux but if you use it enough it is really worth it
    07-12-2009 08:43 PM
  8. InvaderekiM's Avatar
    **** ATT!! also just had to add that because they r *****es
    07-12-2009 08:43 PM
  9. InvaderekiM's Avatar
    f u c k ATT!! also just had to add that because they r *****es
    07-12-2009 08:44 PM