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    Everyone that I asked, be they fans of Mac or Windows, violently insisted that I must only purchase an Apple. Such was their faith in my computer abilities. Currently doing my best to trash a MacBook Pro 10.4 with no success.

    I'm attempting to jailbreak a 3Gs with Purplera1n with the same results. I'm presuming that the app is to be downloaded to the computer, not the phone. When I double click on the pretty raindrop nothing happens. I have tried several times, and downloaded it through both Firefox and Safari.

    What am I missing here? Have I not made the proper animal/human sacrifices? Does the ghost of MJ know that I never even liked Prince or his music, and has thrown some bad juju my way?

    ATT said they'd gladly unlock any phone I had for my trips to Mexico, EXCEPT the iPhone. I just want to put my Telcel chip in when I'm south of the border, but nooo, they make me do things like this.

    Por favor, ay˙deme!
    07-09-2009 12:28 AM
  2. johnburkhard's Avatar
    Okay if you're on a Mac make sure you have Purplera1n RC2 for Mac.

    Get it here - purplera1nDOTcom/purplera1n

    Next unpack the file to your desktop.

    Open iTunes and then connect your iPhone.

    Make sure your iPhone is on.

    Make sure your iPhone is a 3GS; Purplera1n is not for 3G.

    Run Purplera1n, then click "Make it Rain" when it appears.

    Wait about 5+ minutes, your phone will reboot and iTunes will say it see's a phone in recovery mode. Ignore iTunes, just click cancel to get rid of the message about recovery mode.

    After your phone reboots locate the new App called 'Freeze'. Run it.

    Install Cydia and Reboot.

    Open Cydia and do a search for a package named Mobile Substrate.

    Install it and then reboot.

    You're done.
    07-09-2009 01:15 AM
  3. hermdog's Avatar
    Jefe, Checkout this page Dev-Team Blog try Redsn0w to jailbreak. Once jailbroken in Cydia add the source repo666.ultrasn0w.com and download ultrasn0w for the unlock. Pero cuidado... There have been reports of push notification not working with jailbroken phones.

    Buena Suerte.
    07-09-2009 01:16 AM
  4. Loganbro's Avatar
    Thanks to you both. I couldn't get pr to open and run. I'd click it and no "make it rain" magic box would appear (watched several people do it on uTube though), so I went with the suggested redsn0w/ultrasn0w option (again, with video tutorial). Que bueno!! I owe you both a couple of black velvet Elvis paintings for your response.
    07-09-2009 11:19 AM
  5. Loganbro's Avatar

    Got into Mexico, turned off both phones, swapped out chips. Powered up both phones. Iphone works perfectly!!! Internet with Edge (don't know how much that runs on my pre-pay), email, phone, text, etc.

    Side note, my Telcel LG phone's screen reads "Put in right chip".
    07-10-2009 10:16 PM