1. bayourock's Avatar
    I recently bought the new 3GS. I also have recently unlocked my 2g phone for my girlfriend to use and have had little issues with it. It has actually worked fine since.....

    The issue i am having is with my sync and contacts. When i sync the 2G phone all the contacts on her phone appear on my 3GS. Have i done something wrong in the unlocking or is there a sync setting i am missing???? this is getting a little annoying having to fix the contacts every time i sync.
    07-05-2009 10:07 PM
  2. Matt74's Avatar
    Sounds to me like you're syncing 2 iPhones on the same PC, in the same account. I'd recommend using different accounts. iTunes typically uses Outlook Express or Windows Mail to sync your contacts between the PC and your iPhone. If you're using the same account on the PC, than you're sharing a common resource for backing up your contacts.
    07-05-2009 10:28 PM
  3. bayourock's Avatar
    ok i think i may have fixed it....I think when i jailbroke and unlocked my phone and i plugged it in.....i may have restored it instead of setting it up as a new phone....i redid the whole process and set it up as a new phone.....and now everything seems to be working fine.....
    07-05-2009 11:53 PM