1. AarontheRed's Avatar
    Just gotta throw in a vote for qTweeter. I love it - a great app if you use Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it's just really fun (not to mention convenient) to pull it down onto your screen from the status bar even when you're in another app. And now you can even use it to post video. Sorry, that started to sound like a commercial....
    07-26-2009 09:21 PM
  2. nycsemaj's Avatar
    Is status notifier not opening for you guys? The icons in the status bar function fine, it's just that the actual application isn't opening...
    07-26-2009 10:40 PM
  3. big9erfan's Avatar
    I used reminder and it worked well for me.

    I have gone back to a clean phone as I noticed a bit too much battery drain, ESPECIALLY with WeatherIcon.
    07-26-2009 11:11 PM
  4. only1jonarius's Avatar
    trap...had to get rid oh liveclock & weather icon
    07-27-2009 07:36 AM
  5. only1jonarius's Avatar
    qTweeter could possibly be the best JB app it can configure copy/paste & landscape mode in the NEAR future
    07-27-2009 07:37 AM
  6. chrstphr.ross's Avatar
    SpringBack (cause of different crashes to safe mode, this saves a ton of time)
    3G Unrestrictor (mmmm, no wi-fi Skype, non-compressed youtube....mmmm)
    07-27-2009 09:48 AM
  7. mikenyc2's Avatar
    Tricker ThreeG
    07-27-2009 09:52 AM
  8. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    I have notifier running on my 3G S on 3.0.1 and i've never had one issue. i've had it through 3.0 to 3.0.1

    I don't get what you guys mean by the app opening? So you can customize which tray notifications you get? I didn't think that was a big deal.

    It works perfectly for me.
    08-21-2009 04:51 PM
  9. redbeard's Avatar
    Dock works great too..
    08-21-2009 08:00 PM
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