1. dallasjmj's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3G that's running OS 3.0 and has 04.26.08 modem firmware. I successfully jailbroke it last week using RedSn0w, and I'm quite pleased with it. Now I'm considering unlocking my phone using UltraSn0w. I have no plans on switching from AT&T anytime soon. The main reason I'm thinking of unlocking is because I travel a couple of times a year to The Bahamas, Mexico and The Caribbean and thought about getting a local SIM card to use when I'm there.

    I have several questions:

    1) Do I leave the AT&T SIM card in the phone while I'm unlocking it?

    2) Does unlocking it affect my AT&T service? If so, how?

    3)Would AT&T somehow know I had unlocked it, or be "notified" if I put another SIM in it or not?

    Thanks for any feedback.
    06-29-2009 05:41 PM
  2. BradM73's Avatar
    Unlocking won't affect your AT&T service, it just allows you to use your phone on other GSM networks if you've got the proper SIM card. If you plan to stay with AT&T, there isn't really a good reason that I know of to unlock. You'd definitely see the benefit of jailbreaking though, as it allows you to use other programs that are not available in the app store. The downside is that technically you're voiding your warranty and you run the risk of bricking your phone if you don't know what you're doing.
    06-29-2009 07:39 PM
  3. dallasjmj's Avatar
    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback
    06-29-2009 07:53 PM