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    OMG IT WORKED!!! Cut.N.Pasted you are the MASTER OF THE iPHONE UNIVERSE!!! I would bow down to you, but it really hurts my knees.

    At first it was weird, it showed T-Mobile signal bars but no calls would go through. I called T-Mobile and turned off they phone, they reset something or other, and it worked!!! Set up the data plan---BOOYA, iPhone 3G 3.0 on T-Mobile! Take that, AT&T!!!!

    You guys are the best. To all those that thought my phone was bricked and laughed, maybe think twice before turning someone's world upside down-- unless you're an expert on this stuff and you know for SURE that a horse is a horse and a brick is a brick.

    All that aside....Theiphoneblog RULES!
    06-23-2009 09:47 PM
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    Glad it worked!!!

    You cant miss Cycorder (record video), Snapture (more camera options) and Installous (try cracked apps before buying them in the appstore).

    Installous is in this repo:
    More info here.

    To make installous work you need to install Appsync 3.0 (Its just a patch). You can find in in cydia too. Also you need to have an Itunes account. Check all the apps availible here.

    WARNING: Try the apps and if you like them, BUY! Think of the people that worked on them. They deserve something back for their work. Specially for those special apps like Beejive and such. Theire worth every penny.

    Try "Winterboard" for custom themes... theres a whole new world once Jailbroken. WELCOME!
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    06-24-2009 12:47 AM
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    How to Unlock Firmware 3.0 using Redsnow for iPhone 2G

    Luckly for iPhone 2G users that the great iPhone Dev Team released a brand new Redsnow version working perfectly in combination with Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G along the iPhone Touch.

    Step by step procedure to unlock the Firmware 3.0 on iPhone 2G using Redsnow:

    How to Unlock Firmware 3.0 using Redsnow for iPhone 2G | TechFlipper
    06-24-2009 12:50 PM
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    @ Cut.n.Pasted,

    I was reading the forum and you mentioned when upgrading to 3.0 then jailbreaking/unlocking to "(checkmark "As a new phone", avoid backups)".


    The reason I'm asking is that I'm goign through the whole process and I unfortunately chose restore from back-up. I can't tell for certain right now (I'm still syncing all of my data back onto my iPhone 3G), but it appears to be experiencing some issues. (Having a tough time staying connected to the network, moving very slowly, etc.) Could this be the problem? If so, should I start from scratch again and this time set it up as a new phone?

    Incidentally, if I set it up as a new phone, will I have to download all my apps again? And, will I need to configure all my syncing preferences again?

    Thanks, in advance, for all your help!
    06-25-2009 12:47 AM
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    I can't tell for certain right now (I'm still syncing all of my data back onto my iPhone 3G), but it appears to be experiencing some issues. (Having a tough time staying connected to the network, moving very slowly, etc.) Could this be the problem? If so, should I start from scratch again and this time set it up as a new phone?
    Yes, this is exactly why you're supposed to set it up as a new phone.

    Incidentally, if I set it up as a new phone, will I have to download all my apps again? And, will I need to configure all my syncing preferences again?
    Assuming you've been syncing your contacts to Outlook Express, Windows Mail or some other place, you'll have all of your contacts back once you sync for the first time. Same is true for the apps, songs, podcasts, movies and photos.

    The main difference is going to be that you'll lose your SMS history and icon placement. Oh yeah, you'll also lose any data stored inside of specific apps. Like for example, I use Gas Cubby to track my fuel mileage. Setting my phone up as new wipes all of my old data out, so I have to start fresh.

    If there are specific apps that have data you don't want to lose, you can always JB the phone you have now (with the problems) and dig around inside the file structure to locate the data file. Once you do a fresh JB again, you can restore the data file... I did this with iBlacklist.

    Just woke up, so I'm sorry if my thought process is a bit scattered. :-)
    06-25-2009 08:31 AM
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    To Cut.n.Pasted:

    I can't send this to you directly because I don't have stupid 15 posts to my name, and I don't feel like spamming another 9 posts on this board to get there, so below is a condensed version of what I would have sent you if I could:

    I wanted to thank you again for helping me with all the iPhone woes. You totally went above and beyond any of the other posters, and you really took the time to help me through my issues. These tech message boards need more people like you!

    I would have responded earlier but I was in the hospital on Thursday (yes, same day Michael Jackson died) for seven hours getting a tube shoved down my esophagus to look at the state of my mechanical heart valve. Turns out there is some scar tissue there that needs to be monitored, I might have to have surgery at some point in the future to fix it...but regardless, I would have gotten back to you long before if not for that.

    So again, THANK YOU!!! I'll have to confiscate my mom's iPhone at some point to explore the unlocked apps...especially recording video, how sweet!...

    06-27-2009 10:37 PM
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    If this happens one more god damn time I am seriously going to kill myself. I can't take it anymore.

    I was fiddling around with a stupid dictionary, WeDict Pro, and online guides about how to get dictionaries onto it. I did all this SFTP **** through Terminal, and it actually worked, and I thought I was so cool. And then it had me delete some folder where the application of WeDict used to be, so I did. And then something went totally ape**** and my sanity went down the toilet.

    The phone wouldn't start. It showed the Apple logo but it wouldn't do anything more. I tried force restarting it, but it would only bring up the apple again. I freaked out. I was so worried it was broken. I finally got it into the special mode thingy (I've already forgotten what it's called) by holding Power+Home for ten seconds, releasing Power, then waiting 10 secs and releasing Home.

    FINALLY, I got iTunes to Recognize it, and out of desperation, I just had it restore factory settings. Now the thing is working again, with 3.0, but that means I have to jailbreak and unlock it all over again.

    But this time it isn't so easy. I'm trying to run RedSnow, but I can't seem to find the stupid ISPW for 3.0. None of the ones that I had on my computer(s) before are accepted by RedSnow, and I can't seem to find the download of it on the web. All the links give me a ISPW FOLDER, not the actual thingy, and none of it is working.

    PLEASE HELP ME THIS ONE LAST TIME!!!!!! I basically need to redo the jailbreak/unlock, but I need the right tools and a recap of the right steps.

    Seriously, and this is no joke--I was hospitalized last Thursday for seven hours for tests to look at my artificial heart valve. They shoved a tube down my esophogus (without anesthesia or even numbing) to look at my valve. Scar tissue has developed. I may need surgery. And anytime I put my legs down for more than thirty seconds, they turn purple and black. I have an appointment with a vascular specialist on Tuesday.

    Before when I was doing all this unlocking, I didn't have anything else to do, and I could handle it. Now, after several days of perfect unlocked iPhone bliss, I can't take the stress of trying to do this all over again

    So please, Cut.n.Pasted, anyone else, PLEASE see me through this one last crisis, and I swear to god I will never mess with this stupid phone EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-29-2009 05:32 AM
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    Ok, if nothing else I am adding to my post count. By the grace of a God I am sure does NOT exist, I found (in the trash of my Mom's laptop) a IPSW file that I used last time. RedSn0w recognized this (Praise NOT-GOD!). On my second attempt I was able to get Redsnow to accept the IPSW file and then to get the iPod to the right karmic place to accept the RedSn0w mojo.

    The pineapple is running across my screen.

    I am in a happier place now, mentally, I think I might be ok.

    06-29-2009 05:45 AM
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    OK, I am taking several deep breaths. I made it BACK to the holy land. The iPhone is re-unlocked, re-jailbroken. I think I myself might need to be jailbroken if I need to do this one more time, but that's another story.

    HOWEVER, what the f*ck caused this in the first place? Like I said, I was looking into SSH servers. I downloaded Cyberduck, I actually succeeded in using Terminal to find the unlocked iPhone, change the passwords, everything was great. Then it came time to find the folder where the WeDict application was, and take it out of this long number-letter folder and into Apps.

    I followed the instructions on this web site: Installing WeDict with custom dictionaries Box of Clams

    Then I don't know how all hell broke loose, but it did. What the hell happened???

    I also downloaded the thing Cut.n.Pasted told me about to be able to capture video --except it seemed a little buggy, I could take record one movie just fine, but then when it came time to do another one, after I hit stopped, nothing would happen--I couldn't make a third, it just keeps saying "finishing".

    Now I just don't want to download ANYTHING for awhile. I want a break from this!!!!

    If anyone could answer these two questions, my final two questions on, I would be eternally grateful (or should I say, eternally grateful squared...I'm already eternally grateful, even if for just a place to vent!)

    1). A) What caused the above problem? How can I avoid it in the future?
    B) I'm hesitant to even ask, but is it SAFE to download/install the movie-capture thingy I downloaded before (the buggy one I described), or other things from Cydia? Or is it that I just shouldn't go f*cking around in settings I'm not competent in?

    2 A) If there are new updates to iTunes, can my mother install them without fear of crashing the iPhone? [I've given her strict instructions to update neither iTunes nor iPhone firmware without asking me]
    B) What about small updates to iPhone 3.0? Like let's say 3.1.x comes out with small security improvements or better camera control or whatever, nothing like major overhaul from 2.0 to 3.0. Will that crash the unlocking?
    C) If the above answer to all that is, "YES! DON'T MESS WITH IT!" then how/where do I go once there IS a new update to find out what to do? Do I come back here? Keep reading the DevTeam emails (btw, I'm donating at least $20 to them ASAP)

    Again, you guys rock. Even those that laughed at me. In all honesty, thank you for the laughter and the sarcastic pokes, it was part of the process of getting me help in my time of need. I would like to believe everything happens for a reason (though without an old guy sitting in the clouds smiting the innocent, mind you), but I don't think I'm EVER going to figure out why this iPhone debacle had to be such a soul-searing journey.

    Sigh, I'm off to rest before more tests on Tuesday.

    Thanks again guys, peace out.

    06-29-2009 06:11 AM
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