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    i've dl'ed the files. i've followed the instructions as told. when i get to step "9. Potential Tricky Part - Pay Attention" and immediately hold the buttons as told nothing happens. i get the usb wire to iTunes logo but nothing happens. is this correct?

    i am using a QuickPwn.exe for PC. i am directly connected to my USB port in my computer. i have also tried using a USB Powered HUB. not sure what i'm doing wrong here. am i suppose to wait for something to happen during step 9 before i start with the button sequence?

    also, i'm using iTunes 8.2 right now. could this be affecting it?

    any help would be appreciated. thank you in advance for your attention to my cry for help.
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    06-06-2009 01:34 PM
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    What are you trying to do?

    Final iTunes 8.2 will prevent quickpwn from communicating with the device, so that's one issue right there, For a PC you should not need a powered USB hub, for anything that I am aware of, not knowing what you are trying to do will prevent any real help, anything else is just guesses.
    06-06-2009 01:58 PM