1. Shane Schofield's Avatar
    Hey guys, I need some help. I'm no stranger to unlocking/jailbreaking iPhones (have done it at least a dozen times), but this one has me stumped.

    I upgraded a friend's 2G iphone from a very old version (1.1.3?) to the latest 2.2.1. The whole procedure with Pwnage Tool went exactly as it should, the phone is unlocked, jailbroken, and everything works as it should. Settings show software version 2.2.1 and baseband 04.05.04_G, and the sim card works.

    Now, the problem that appeared is a delay for the screen to come on, when either the home or power button is pressed. The delay is about 3 - 4 seconds. The behavior is that it seems the O/S is functioning correctly, but just the display is not coming on right away. So, when the battery/time indicator comes on, it's just about ready to time out again - so the display will go back to sleep almost immediately unless you touch the screen to interrupt the time-out. Also, even before the display comes on, I can swipe where the "slide to unlock" part is, and when the display comes on, I see the slide action occur.

    I've reloaded 2.2 just to test and it's the exact same behavior. Went back to 2.2.1 and still the same thing. The .ipsw's are straight from Apple and pwned with Pwnage Tool (full wipe - not QuickPwn).

    Any ideas? I'm leaning towards the proximity sensor failing, but it's too much of a coincidence for this to happen right after a software upgrade.

    04-20-2009 12:38 PM
  2. Muero's Avatar
    Just to be sure, is a case being used that might cover or otherwise interfere with the proximity sensor?

    I did a very quick Google search for problems like this and I couldn't find anything, but I did very little digging, so I could've missed it.

    I think I've been able to "swipe before the screen actually appears" too, but only if I was really trying to get it unlocked instantly after pressing the lock button. I've only had the display get delayed like that for probably less than half a second, nothing like what you're describing.

    I guess I would try restoring one more time (does he really need it unlocked and jailbroken?), and if that doesn't work, take it to an Apple Genius. Does your friend have Apple Care or is his one year warranty up?
    04-20-2009 03:16 PM
  3. Shane Schofield's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. I've done an extensive Google search and have not found anyone else with the same problem. That makes me lean towards a hardware issue.

    While attempting to fix this, I did take the silicone case off to make sure it wasn't interfering with the sensors. Besides, I believe the proximity sensor is only supposed to lock and blank the screen when you're on a call.

    What really gets me is that other than this issue, there are no other symptoms and the phone is functioning perfectly once the screen does come up.

    This is a 2G phone being used in Canada, so going to Apple for help is out of the question. Any other theories would be appreciated. Thanks.
    04-20-2009 06:49 PM
  4. asundevil's Avatar

    I seem to have almost the same issue as you except mine is a bit more severe. This just started happening to my iPhone about two weeks ago. Right now if I press the power button or home button it takes anywhere from 3 seconds to sometimes 20 seconds for the screen to light up. Essentially what I have to do to use my phone sometimes is flip my switch to vibrate mode and just wait until my phone responds by vibrating, then I know I can unlock the screen and use it normally....definitely not good if it was an emergency situation. The funny thing is, there are times where it works great with no delay. I've restored using quickpwn to 2.2.1 and that did not help either. You're the only other case I've found online, hopefully we can help each other out.

    Edit: I thought it may have been the case I was using so I took that out and it's still an issue. The only thing I have now is a protective screen cover that has been in use since January.
    04-27-2009 09:04 AM
  5. Shane Schofield's Avatar
    Hi asundevil,

    I don't have the phone because my friend is in another city, otherwise, I'd try restoring again.

    Can you try restoring to factory 2.2.1 from Apple? Obviously, this will lock the phone again, but you can always unlock it easily. I'm curious if the phone has the same problem with a factory default OS. If so, I'll have to conclude that it's a hardware issue.

    05-01-2009 01:49 PM