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    I'm doing a 2 week class in Cuernavaca, and I'm preparing myself to stay connected with my Iphone 3G

    So far, I've already unlocked the phone (thank you yellowsn0w) and I'm going to buy a Telcel SIM card at the airport as soon as I get off the plane.

    Here are my q's:

    1.) Is there a specific type of TELCEL SIM that I have to buy? Is there a specific type I need to enable voice AND data?
    2.) Is the TELCEL SIM a plug and play?
    3.) Is there anything else I need?

    Thanks in advance for the help ladies and gents!
    03-30-2009 12:51 PM
  2. jay0heavenly's Avatar
    you guys are losers...lol...61 views and no posts!
    03-31-2009 04:02 PM
  3. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    you guys are losers...lol...61 views and no posts!
    lol, well sorrrry I was one of those views and didn't know the answer. Didn't think you'd be to happy to see a simple response that only said "I don't know". I assume the other 60 views didn't know the answer either
    03-31-2009 10:24 PM
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    All I can answer is number 3. NO.
    04-01-2009 08:15 AM
  5. supercoza's Avatar
    Really hope you have not started sneezing
    05-06-2009 12:06 AM
  6. Ghecko's Avatar
    Well with it being unloacked i am not sure how this SIM your buying is going to work see if there is a support line or something for the maker of the SIM.

    Thats all i got.
    05-06-2009 08:57 AM