1. tangokim's Avatar
    Hi guys and great forum. I've been reading around n researched about jailbreak. I have jailbreaked my iPhone 3g that some one gave me. To make story short I have Att n I want to use the iPhone without the data plan. Is this possible? I jailbreaked with 2.2.1 using quickpwn. Everything went fine but no signal when I insert my sim. Baseband is 2.30.03. Did I do something wrong? I have mac n window. I also created cust firmware with pwntool with activated check n data wipe option. Please help me. Do I need to do extra step? Or I did too much step. Thanx inadvance.
    02-25-2009 12:23 AM
  2. y0umebednow's Avatar

    Can anyone PLEASE find a solution to this question? i have the same problem and can not get at&t to work. i bought this phone from a friend, had it restored to 2.2.1, jailbroke it with quickpwn 2.2.1 and had no signal, then i jailbroke it with 2.2.5 and still no signal. there is NO OPTION to check or un check regarding "activation" during the jailbreak process. please help
    05-01-2009 09:57 PM