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    Hi guys I need some help in jailbreaking this phone.

    2G iphone on fw 2.2 ,previously JB on 2.1
    on a Mac running 10.5.6
    iTunes 8.0.2
    Using Pwnage 2.2 tool

    I created my custom IPSW and can get the phone into DFU(black screen) but when iTunes pops up it gives me the "ipod cannot be identified(or something like that) Error 2001"

    I d/l and ran that automator which is supposed to change out the drivers for the USB ports from 10.5.6 with the ones from 10.5.5. The script ran and it put a folder on my desktops with a backup of the kext files but the mac never rebooted. I have d/l this script automator from a couple diff sources and ran them each a few times and it never reboots. I think it did swap the files because iTunes does popup when I put the phone into DFU.

    So I'm kinda at a loss as what the problem is....I've even tried using another USB cable to no avail.

    Any suggestions are appreicated..
    01-19-2009 06:55 PM