1. silentme's Avatar

    i really wanna jailbreak my second generation iphone with firmware 2.2 using quickpwn 2.2 ,,,,

    however when i enter DFU mode, or make an attempt to enter DFU mode,
    and itunes are supposed to install som files, i get an 202 error from itunes, saying that an iphone is detected but not regonized, returnig 202 unknown error..

    im using macbook 4,1 (10.6.5) w/ intel core 2 duo processor,

    i tried restore iphone, (back to fabric settings)
    ive tried having itunes closed, ive tried to find a way to delete the "my unit" (sorry bad english, but i mean that itunes automaticly identifies my phone, as a phone that have been connected before, and are default .., i know, bad explanation ... )

    ive tried to use win pwn tools,
    but win wont open quickpwn.exe properly ..
    (goes into no respond mode please send crash log..)

    can anyone help me ?
    please pm me to ask for my msn or mail .. ..
    01-11-2009 02:52 PM
  2. MrEClass's Avatar
    Hey there!

    You will need to use PwnageTool since you are attempting the jailbreak on a Mac.

    I don't know if you searched this site already but there was an excellent article on how to jailbreak a phone, such as yours, right here

    Hope it works out for you. Post here or PM me if you have problems. I'd love to help a fellow iPhone user get the joy of jailbreaking.
    01-12-2009 12:03 AM