1. Don Pianta's Avatar
    i have a 3g iphone and it is currently running the 2.2 firmware (NEVER BEEN JAILBROKEN) ... is there a way i can jailbreak it without losing all of the apps i bought from the app store?

    also if i were to jailbreak my phone would i need to downgrade it first and then jailbreak it... and THEN upgrade to the jailbroken 2.2?

    I DO NOT want to unlock my phone... i just want to jailbreak it...
    but if i need to downgrade to be able to jailbreak it... wouldn't it just be easier to wait for 2.3 and just jailbreak it when that comes out?
    01-01-2009 02:05 PM
  2. Don Pianta's Avatar
    i am sure there are people who know what happens when you jailbreak your phone...

    will i lose all of th apps that i downloaded from the app store?
    01-01-2009 02:18 PM
  3. MrEClass's Avatar
    You WILL NOT lose any of your apps downloaded from the App store if you jailbreak your phone correctly.

    Since you are already on 2.2 with a basically brand new phone, you can simply download QuickPWN (pc) and follow the simple steps to jailbreak the phone!
    01-02-2009 01:43 AM
  4. anon(4664709)'s Avatar
    Ok, now I'm confused - I've read that if I jailbreak with 3rd party applications installed, it will brick the iPhone and I'd have to do a restore, but you're saying I can run the pwn and it should be OK? (is QuickPwn better or worse than Pwnage Tool? in this respect?)

    I've had a new 3G (2.2) for about a week now and have some application data that I don't want to lose and bunch of apps that I've downloaded from the App Store.

    (BTW, how does one do a restore from backup? when I shift-click "restore" like someone suggested, it gives me the same "factory restore" option as always.)
    01-05-2009 02:20 AM
  5. anon(4664709)'s Avatar
    PS: I'm running OSX 10.5.6 on a vanilla Macbook.
    01-05-2009 02:21 AM
  6. ScottUrman's Avatar
    I jailbroke my 2.2 3G using QuickPWN on my PC, and all my existing applications and data remained intact.
    01-05-2009 01:11 PM
  7. XxChink267xX's Avatar
    Hey I was wondering does anybody know where I can download the QuickPWN for jailbreaking 2.2 3g iphones? Thanks.
    01-06-2009 12:29 AM
  8. spsands's Avatar
    google quickpwn... the first result is your location...
    01-06-2009 04:15 PM
  9. MrEClass's Avatar
    Have you tried the iPhone Dev Team's website? .....Gooooooogle
    01-07-2009 12:15 AM
  10. joeya7x's Avatar
    Quickpwn will leave all your info as is, all your apps, your WiFi passwords, notes, etc... no need to resync. so yes Quickpwn would be your best option. you can download it via torrent here. QuickPwn_2.2.dmg (download torrent) - TPB
    01-07-2009 04:27 AM
  11. MrEClass's Avatar
    I will 2nd QuickPWN as the app to do the jailbreaking!
    01-08-2009 04:30 PM
  12. maliks's Avatar
    i download Quickpwn and jailbreaking my iphone 3G (2.2) this is my first phone and 3rd day ..now i got 3rd part apps with out any issue but i have question if i need to downgrde ..so i just connt with itunes and select restore option and im good to go ?
    any help ?
    thank you in advance ..
    01-11-2009 11:11 AM
  13. maliks's Avatar
    now i got it .. i just restore my iphone 3G and jailbreaking again everything working no issie yet
    01-11-2009 12:01 PM
  14. MrEClass's Avatar
    Awesome! Glad to hear you figured it out on your own.
    01-11-2009 11:52 PM