1. cre8tivspirit's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I just made the switch from my Blackberry Curve, which I really loved, to the iPhone 3G which has been pretty impressive so far. Since getting my iPhone two days ago I've managed to;

    • Jailbreak and install Cydia.
    • Add a couple of Themes
    • Change the "AT&T" logo

    Is there anything else that I need to do/install to really get the most out this new toy?
    12-31-2008 02:12 PM
  2. melwan's Avatar
    Browse through Cydia and see if any of the JB execlusive apps interest you. Ex. PDANet allows tethering. SBSettings allows you to hide those Apple native apps that you don't use. and so on.

    BTW, Welcome aboard
    12-31-2008 03:18 PM
  3. E Pow's Avatar
    PDANet for tethering, and Cycorder for video recording.
    12-31-2008 03:54 PM