1. cknut0721's Avatar
    Greetings -- first post.

    I have a 2G that was, until yesterday, running on 1.4. I decided to make the leap to 2.2 and using QuickPWN/pwnagetool method. Great! It works fine and I'm running 2.2 and life is happy.

    In fact, so happy that I now have Edge access, which I didn't have before! How? I have a voice account with t-Mobile Germany (living in Germany). This is great -- I love it. But I can't figure out how I went from no Edge-connectivity (with no data plan) to Edge connectivity.

    12-22-2008 01:06 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Hmmm, you should always have it. Even if you don't pay for it. Just be careful because if you use it for whatever - email, browsing, etc... you will get charged by your carrier for using it.
    12-22-2008 01:26 PM
  3. PocketAces21's Avatar
    2G is EDGE.
    01-08-2009 09:16 PM