1. gianni83's Avatar
    Hey there,
    I tried to jailbreak using the new 2.2 how-to and with QuickPwn because I don't care about unlocking, however, I got the successful screen, but also a 2001 error from iTunes, then my iMac froze while trying to restore, and it keeps doing that other times as well but at another stage and another error.


    basically I followed all the steps, got an iTunes error but it didnt crash this time, however, I set the phone up as a new phone, but I donít have Cydia installed or anything, basically itís a fresh phone without jailbreak which I thought I was doingÖI used Pwnage Tool 2.2.1Öany ideas?!

    Any ideas? Thanks!
    12-04-2008 01:16 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    What model iPhone do you have?
    02-02-2010 04:46 PM
  3. 3seven1's Avatar
    blackra1n That's my suggestion. Quick and easy.
    02-02-2010 10:33 PM
  4. flyingember's Avatar
    what are your phone details?

    model and OS?
    02-03-2010 09:33 AM