1. cruiz1022's Avatar
    I've had Cydia and installer for a long time but recently I have been downloading different things to change the appearance and themes. and now every time I open Cydia 4 book marks pop up on the main screen where the apps are, and they go unnoticeable unless you either click on them by accident (which then opens a website) or you are going to delete a regular app (when this shows an X without any programs) once i delete it, it asks me... "do i want to delete "" bookmark". ive been uninstalling some Cydia apps to see if any of those are the problems but I may be considering restoring the phone and jailbreaking it again. any comments?
    11-13-2008 03:46 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Nope, no virus but it does seem like something you recently installed via Cydia or Installer is creating this issue for you. I'm not sure what would be easier for you to do - depends on many apps you have on your device. You can either restore/jailbreak again or keep removing apps until the issue clears.
    11-13-2008 04:24 PM