1. gai's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Need some advise.

    My wife got a 2G iphone with FW still on 1.1.4.
    This is an export set ( bought from the US to be used in my country as the local carrier did not bring in the 2G set then )
    It's Jailbroken and activated via Jailbroken software.

    How can I upgrade hers to the 2.1 FW ?
    Will upgrading directly via itunes cause a problem ?

    I upgraded my 3G to the 2.1 FW and I think it's great especially on the contact, SMS and backup issues seem to be solved.

    If you have done yours please share with me the steps that you took to achieve this. Thanks.
    09-12-2008 05:31 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    You can not currently unlock or jailbreak firmware 2.1.
    09-12-2008 05:36 PM
  3. gai's Avatar
    OK noted. That was a fast response....Much appreciated.

    If the method is out, do let me know.
    09-12-2008 05:53 PM