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    With the coming of the 2.0 firmware and the App Store. What will happen to Will it crawl up and die as a has been? Or will you have to choose 2.0 firmware over 1.x.x.x firmware? What will happen to all the cool apps will they transition over to the App Store? Or will we someday have the best of both worlds? Since there are apps out there that might not meet the SDK stamp of approval, my hope is that we will have the ability to have JB apps, along with the App store.

    Moderators, I apologize not sure if this topic should go in the Native Apps or maybe better suited for the Jailbreaking section.
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    It will not be going anywhere. I think there will always be something that will not be allowed on the app store that you will find on the installer for one. I'm also not so sure that you will ever be able to customize the iPhone as much as you can if you jailbreak. Not to mention all the unlockers who will not be able to take advantage of the app store (I'm guessing they will not be able to access it... anyone else know for sure?), etc... These are just a few things but I can probably come up with more.
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