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    I am having trouble figuring out why I have a different number of photos on my iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone 6s, I hope someone can help!

    I have iCloud Photo Library turned on with the "optimize iPad/iPhone storage" toggle set.

    Under manage storage, I see there are 11,784 photos in iCloud.

    My iPad reports 11,784 photos. Perfect!

    My iPhone reports 11,816 photos (none of these numbers include videos, that number is correct everywhere).

    I tried turning off iCloud Photo library on my iPhone, hard reset, turning it on, and waiting for the upload etc. to complete. There was no difference, so it's as if something on the iPhone does not upload to iCloud.

    Could it be Live Photos? I haven't used that much. I use burst mode a lot so 32 wouldn't be nearly enough.

    How can I diagnose the problem, if it is one?

    05-02-2016 06:05 AM
  2. donawalt's Avatar
    PS - it's not Live Photos, at least not generically - I created one on the 6s, and it showed up on the iPad right away. I deleted it from the iPad and it disappeared on the iPhone.
    05-02-2016 06:08 AM

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