1. latinlady's Avatar
    is anyone else getting an error message when trying to download the latest IOS update???
    09-16-2015 01:15 PM
  2. stepchild's Avatar
    I am also getting the error message.
    09-16-2015 01:17 PM
  3. gurdarsh's Avatar
    I m also getting this error
    09-16-2015 01:17 PM
  4. iLane4's Avatar
    I'm getting an error message.
    09-16-2015 01:18 PM
  5. Andrew Rossetti's Avatar
    Yup. It started to download the first time I tried, then threw up the "Software Update Failed - An error occurred downloading iOS 9." Now I get that error message every time. I'm guessing the update servers are tanked...
    09-16-2015 01:18 PM
  6. kch50428's Avatar
    It's not like the servers aren't getting slammed right about now... I know y'all are anxious... but maybe trying again later might be worthwhile...
    09-16-2015 01:19 PM
  7. Tattie22's Avatar
    WTF....you telling me Apple didn't expect a rush???
    09-16-2015 01:20 PM
  8. HankAZ's Avatar
    OTA is working fine for me...
    09-16-2015 01:24 PM
  9. bellifritz's Avatar
    I had the error about 5 times, but I did a hard reboot and turned off wifi assist and it worked fine on the next try. I was on iOS 9 GM before the update.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    09-16-2015 01:43 PM
  10. John Yester's Avatar
    09-16-2015 01:46 PM

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