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    I had an issue upgrading to 8.1 on my iPhone 6. When the iPhone was verifying software, it just hung there for almost 2+hrs. So I called Apple Care and they told me to restore my device. Did that and then setup my iPhone and Apple Pay. It took my Amex and Capital One cards. But then I wasn't able to update or download any apps (had a previous issue with that). So Apple care told me to restore my device from iCloud backup. Did that late last night. I thought everything was cool but I was wrong.

    This issue is when I did the restore from iCloud, the Apple Pay settings didn't take so I had to redo Apple Pay. When I try to add my Amex, it says "Card Already in Passbook". When I go to Passbook, the card isn't there. So I then tried to add my CapitalOne cards and they work fine. Then I went back in to add my Amex again and I get the same error, "Card already in Passbook". Now remember, the Amex took the 1st time before I had to restore my iPhone. I called AppleCare and they told me they are having a problem with Amex cards. Amex is processing and verifying cards and it should show up within the next 5 days. (I don't believe them cause it was there yesterday before I restored my iPhone).

    Is anyone else having or getting an error when they try to re-add a card due to a restore?

    10-21-2014 09:14 AM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    I don't have an iPhone 6, but this is a new feature so I would expect it to have a few bugs.
    10-21-2014 09:17 AM

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