1. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    Do you think that this will be another alternative to Touch ID for unlocking the screen in iOS 8?
    03-16-2014 04:04 PM
  2. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    No. Although I don't think apple would release it unless it worked well and securely, I remember a few years ago that an android OEM added a face unlock and someone could unlock the phone by showing it a photo of you.
    iOS Gravity and kataran like this.
    03-16-2014 04:21 PM
  3. Amamba's Avatar
    I did that on my father in law's Lenovo laptop that was locked with retina scan - took his photo on my phone and unlocked his laptop in front of him. His reaction was priceless

    Of course this wouldn't work with real high def retina scan - but they aren't going to put it on a tablet.
    03-17-2014 03:56 PM

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