1. Tom Munch's Avatar
    Wow! It's really tedious to launch the multitasking interface and scroll through apps to launch a previously-used app. It's fine to go right back to the last app or next-to-last, but going to the 6th or 7th app isn't nearly as quick as the old interface was.
    09-18-2013 10:26 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Give yourself time to get used to it...
    09-18-2013 10:28 PM
  3. Tom Munch's Avatar
    Yeah, I know I'll get used to it, but it's quicker (especially on the iPad) to look for the icon than the thumbnail, and it takes more scrolling to get farther along. I know it wasn't made for power users, but I had to notice it was slower.
    09-18-2013 10:33 PM
  4. rpol86's Avatar
    If you scroll using the icons you can move it faster. If you use the actual screenshots it goes slower.
    Rockdog97 likes this.
    09-18-2013 10:37 PM
  5. Tom Munch's Avatar
    Nice insight! That works great!
    09-18-2013 10:41 PM
  6. rpol86's Avatar
    Nice insight! That works great!
    No problem!
    09-18-2013 10:45 PM

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